(foto: Instagram)
(foto: Instagram)

Tom Lenk nam je svima poznat po ulozi u seriji Bafi, ubica vampira, a harizmatični glumac u poslednje vreme privlači dosta pažnje na Instagramu zbog neobičnih fotografija koje postavlja.

Lenk se, naime, odlično zabavlja tako što pravi namerno jeftine parodije poznatih ličnosti i njihovih glamuroznih izdanja na crvenom tepihu, a zabavljaju se, očigledno, i glumčevi pratioci koji ga svakodnevno zasipaju lavinom pozitivnih komentara i savetima koju sledeću zvezdu da podvrgne svojim imitacijama.

Get that @kitharrington.official #JAHNSNO “doesn’t know the difference between objectification and sexism” LEWK with a bunch of wigs, laptop bag, and luggage straps: $FREE from my closet. Kit wants us all to know that he’s MOAR than just his THICK, lustrous HAIR, GORJUS FAYCE AND rippling abdominals. Appreciate him for his ACTEEEEN! Meanwhile the rest of us are like EXHAUSTED from putting all our effort into having decent personalities and reading @uberfacts, in order to makeup for our lack of afore mentioned physical traits. Easy solution: cut yer Hair and stop working out so much. It’s WERKING for LEO. All we see now is his ACTEEEN. WERK SMARDER NOT HARDER. You can force us to pay ATTENSHUN to your ACTEEN by letting yourself GOOOO JAHN SNOOO. Let yourself go with #LenkLewkForLess. Aw F*^K! I forgot the scar! Phone it in with #LLFL.

A photo posted by Tom Lenk (@tommylenk) on Jun 1, 2016 at 10:24am PDT

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